22.08 - 12.09
Carpathians, ukraine
movement. embodiment. community
Environment that we co-create to support our life as whole bodymind self.
We are gathering to create the supportive environment for embodied freedom
20 days coliving in a glamping in Carpathian Mountains, sharing the embodiment practices and reflecting on our experience
live together in a comfortable camping surrounded by nature
share the practices that you know, participate in the others activities
we are ready to share not only embodied experience, but also reflect on it with the help of curators
learn more
register for the workshops and learn from experienced movement practisioners
The format of the event is co-living with a strong support system.
We do not have a pre-formed program - the participants of the village will form it together. We are going to be adults, embodied people, with a focus on bodily, emotional and mental awareness of everything that happens.
To support this process, we set a minimum structure - 5 flows, each of which has a curator who can share his experience and practice.
Nevertheless, the main priority is given to co-creation and experiment, because the space is open for suggestions from participants - any resident of our village can offer his own topic for joint research, and invite others to it.
Outside of the planned events, the space is open for spontaneity, jams, individual processes
Basic sructure
Movement flow
Life is movement. We pay attention to our sensations to feel what is happening right now. We stay with this focus, and life start to dance through us. Authentic Movement, Somatic practice, Contact Improvisation and all the other practices are helping us with that.
Bodywork flow
Massage practices are the beautiful way to relax. But we want also to research together inside bodywork interaction, increasing the sensibility of touch and ability to connect through it
Reflection flow
Coming to our bodies we don't want to neglect our minds. It's important part of being a whole self - to embody through awareness to the thoughts, words, intentions and attitudes
Art flow
When we are embodied - we want to express ourself expressing could be also the way to come into the present moment. Painting, music, singing, writing- that's the flow to support our creativity
Nature flow
The beautiful nature around gives a lot of possibilities to explore - trails between the mountains, forest and rivers, playing with natural materials that we find around and connect with the natural forces around
Special program
Authentic movement workshop INTO THE WILD
Wildness is our biological heritage.
It is an evolutionary memory of Nature's creative passion.
We can call upon the wild within, to empower us, to restore the courage and physical wisdom that are blunted by modern life.
The human body in our skilled modern way of life can move in space all over the planet. It finds endless ways to manifest creativity, with a tendency to individualism.
Still there is a power more raw and animalistic inside. Our animal body contains functional ways of expression and motion which abound power, life force and ancient wisdom. It reminds us of our common animate nature and connects us collectively, not only amongst humans but through our evolutionary past also amongst the wider community of animate beings.
To which depth do we have access to our wildness?
How do we give space in our life to these aspects of us?
Which wild sides of you are you befriending with in the moment?
Authentic Movement explores the relationship between a mover and a witness, being seen and seeing. It is a subtle guidance to discover who we are in the present moment through the spontaneous movement of our bodies.It provides a safe container to deepen our relationship with the physical body, to release inhibitions and relate authentically through movement and self expression.
Authentic Movement was started by Mary Starks Whitehouse in the 1950s, then developed by Joan Chodorow and Janet Adler, calling it "The Discipline of Authentic Movement".
Grégory Chevalier (Fr/HU)
holistic dance teacher, freelance dancer, artist
I am trained in Authentic Movement since 2012 from the Holistic Dance Institute led by Sabine Parzer. I practice this form on my own, in peer groups, private sessions and workshops. Since the last 10 years I teach body consciousness based improvisation, post modern dance, Authentic Movement and Contact Improvisation inspired by experiential anatomy, Body Mind Centering, Butoh, wild playfulness, physical challenges, nature contemplation and mysticism. For me Authentic Movement is about being delighted by freedom of expression, giving space for the unconscious to rise up, translate the simplicity of presence and non conformist motions to be fully embraced. I am the core organiser of Kontaktland association.
Contact improvisation workshop
Curators, residents and guests
you can be here :)
Kate Taranova
cofounder of the project
Alexandra Nikonova
bodywork flow curator
Grégory Chevalier
invited teacher
Sveta Bird
movement flow curator
Daniel Dragonesku
Art flow curator
Ivanna Smolyana
Reflection flow curator
Grégory Chevalier
Nature flow curator
Alex Fedorov
cofounder of the project and the host
How to participate?
choose the amount of days to come and book your place
share your ideas and check the others
Here is the online mind map
come and feel the flow as it is.
Live, work, share, enjoy
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Kryvopillya village, Ivano-Frankivsk area, Ukraine

You can choose to live in comfortable yurts with double / twin beds, hostel yurt or your own camping

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