a week of body practices on the Turkish seashore
20-26 April

We will escape from the concrete jungle of the city and the burning deadlines.

Let's settle down in a tree house and meditate by the sea.
It's time to feel alive.
Let's learn to understand what our body says. We will talk with touch and with silence.

Be with those who choose a vacation with meaning and appreciates the personal space of others.
It's time to switch from thoughts to body - for easy movements, harmony of thoughts, real emotions and stronger tastes.

Forget about work and stress, throw away all plans and worries.
One day from INBODY trip
Just imagine:
Morning tea
on the beach
For those who like to wake up early. The Eastern Tea Ceremony is a journey through the world of tastes and new sensations that sets the mood for the whole day.
Morning practicing
The most important thing is to start the body properly in the morning. Simple exercises will help you feel your body and plunge into full physical presence.
Local olive oil, pomegranate sauce, sesame paste and buffet with fresh local produce - a charge of energy and vigor.
Dayly practicing
Every day we will explore our own body with the Italian practitioner Michael: a dome-hall in the middle of the forest, the barely audible sound of the waves and the complete fusion with nature.
Free time
In the city u will never be alone with yourself. Here you can wander around the slopes for hours, swim in the sea or hang in hammocks with local cats. Full relaxation :)
In the evening, everyone gathers at a welcoming Turkish table to re-learn how to taste and truly get their food joyness. Slowly, consciously and unforgettably.
Evening programm
Gong night, sitting by the fire, movie watching or just quiet nights together and separately :)
Movement practice with Michele Marchesani
The guest of the spring camp is Michael, an Italian body therapist, massage therapist and dancer who created his own Tatto Interno approach. His practices are based on the Shiatsu methodology, contact improvisation and a holistic approach.
Michael will learn to better understand ourself and others through movement and touch.
Our body is capable of more than words. We relax the muscles and know ourselves.
Tea Ceremonies and body practices with Katya Taranova
Katya is a bodymind practitioner, body therapist and teacher of contact improvisation. She explores tea culture and taste development. Each morning, we will dive deep into ourselves during a ceremony with exclusive East tea.
Let us awaken the still unknown tastes, catch the elusive sunrise and meet the new day with inner strength and gratitude.

Sundance Camp
dancecamp in Turkey, near Antalya, in a middle of the stunning nature at Phazelis Beach

One day together with the Nature
One day at dawn, we will leave the camp and pass a part of the Lycian Trail, one of the ten most beautiful trails in the world.
Alone with ancestral nature, between mountain slopes and sea noise.

For those who practice kitten mode, we have prepared a stroll through local shops in Chiraly. And you can also drop in a hammock at home and learn Zen from the local four-legged :)

- participation in the program (body practices, tea ceremonies, evening events, mountains hiking)
- accommodation (price depends on the type of accommodation)
- healthy breakfasts and dinners (in addicion you can order dayly meal with €5/per day in the camp)

Travel costs are not included into the price.
Early birds price is reserved only after prepayment 50%.

445 € till 20.03
495 € after 20.03

Private tent among the trees, next to shared showers and toilets.

Tree house
510 € till 20.03
560 € after 20.03

The cottages surrounded by pine trees are designed for 2 people. There are shelves, clothes hooks, a mirror. There are shared showers and toilets nearby.

Forest lodge

535 € till 20.03
585 € after 20.03
Wooden houses with heating, ideal for 2-3 people. Convenient lounge, towels are included in the price. There are shared showers and toilets nearby.


565 € till 20.03
615 € after 20.03
The most comfortable option is a private bathroom with hot water.
Rooms for 2/3/4 people. There is a small porch for relaxation and unity with nature.
I like camping!
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More about food
For breakfast and dinner we have a buffet with a variety of Turkish dishes, including vegan and vegetarian options. And it's delicious!
Lunch is not included, it can be ordered for an additional EUR 5 / day in camp kitchen.
How to reach the camp?
✈ Antalya + 🚌 transfer to our location (€10)
We arrange the transfer.

Tickets are easy to look at:

The average price of tickets Kiev-Antalya-Kiev is € 195-215. We will describe the entire route in detail in the return letter after registration.
What weather will be there?
Usually in April it is very warm:
🌞 +23 in the afternoon and 🌛 + 15 in the night..
We'll let you know the forecast is closer to the dates.
Catch the chance to start the summer early!
May i come earlier or later?
Yes, of course, but let us know so that we reserve a place for you.
What interesting places are nearby?
There are many beautiful places around:
- The ancient Greek city of Phaselis, 30 min from the camp on foot
- Tekkirova village with local shops, 30 min walk
- in 20 minutes by car you can reach the cable car that will take you to the top of Takhtalidag Mountain (Turkish Olymp)
- an hour by car you can get to Chiraly, a charming village with beautiful beaches, a park and the ancient city of Olympus
- And if you have time to travel, then don't forget the space of Turkey - Cappadocia, 600 km from our campsite.
What if i never had such practice?
Each practice can be joined with any level of physical development.
The program is designed so that everyone will find a place for their own research within the group process.
When is start and finish of lessons?
🕑 We start classes at 3:00 PM on April 20, and we recommend arriving as early as possible to get familiar with the place and tune in to the process :)
🕓 We end on April 26 at 3:00 pm. If you want to arrive early or stay after - welcome :) We (the organizers) will arrive a few days before the event.
Only for 25 people
Make it yours :)
Katya Taranova
organizer and movement trainer, fasilitator
Lena Vesnyana
organizer and guide
Olena Kolesnyk
curator and contact person
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