Holistic retreat & coworking
place to work and rest with the whole self
Supporting your being whole
house with the supporting environment
We believe that work doesn't have to damage the body, and rest necessarily being passive.
Holistic Space is a house, where you can work and retreat, communicate and stay alone, receive support and care as well as join the daily-based embodied activities.
We are gathering different holistic approaches under one roof
to promote well-being and healing environment for our visitors
professional osteopathic help, health coaching, psychosomatics
The space for you to work with multilevel conditions for sitting as well as standing and lying during your work :) Imagine the day, where your body is working without feeling stressed, able to moove and join the movement/massage sessions from time to time
body treatments, massage, SPA programmes on the base of natural cosmetics - everything, to support your well-being
embodied and somatic practices, movement therapy, mindfulness meditations, dance sessions, yoga, singing circles and different workshop
speaking clubs, space for conversations and networking
superfood bar, ceremonial tea menu, cooking workshops and nutrition specialists
All these possibilities are available now
Welcome home
Multifunctional space
The space, adaptable for your needs, different possibilities to organize your space for work and rest
Dancing studio
Feel free to join our movement sessions on the daily basic or just go and dance yourself in between the meetings
Kitchen and superfood bar
Have an access to the various drinks, cook for yourself or buy the best products in our superfood bar
If you need the space to free yourself out, balance the anger or just be quite for a moment in the darkness - we also have a basement :)

Our studio prices
Our monthly memberships will be the best value for your money and offer some additional benefits
10 days Try-out
  • Access to the working and resting zones
  • Participation in our free events
  • 5 movement sessions
  • 3 treatment sessions
$30 / person
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30 days Member
  • Access to the working and resting zones
  • Participation in our free events
  • 20 movement sessions
  • 10 treatment session
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30 days Visitor
  • Access to the working and resting zones
  • Participation in our free events
  • All the other goods for the fair price
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