VTILO detox
Three days in movement for your total reloading
The dates are still unknown due to quarantine
Slavske, Carpathians
VTILO detox - the best format for recovering yourself after winter
Healthy mountain air, the power of the Carpathian forest, the depth of the surrounding beauty
Authentic Movement
Authentic movement begins from the inside, with closing our eyes and listening to our inner impulses
We choose the best places for you to fully immerse in the process
Our teacher:
Grégory Chevalier
body&movement therapist and dancer (France-Hungary),
teacher of contact improvisation and somatic movement,
got graduate of the Authentic Movement Research Annual Program of Sabin Parzer.
Authentic movement is a time when we practice listening to ourselves and others.
An exploration of the senses, an intensification of our inner witness, a silent observation of the movement of the body, inviting freedom of expression.
We will practice presence and responsibility for our actions and our emotions.
Engaging with a partner will help us to understand our needs better.
We will dive into somatic experimental improvisation, combining the language of movement with a self-contained system called the Universe, in which we will celebrate our humanity and welcome common experience
location in the Carpathians with dance space, different accommodation options and great cuisine
- participation in the program
- accommodation
- healthy meals three times a day
- transfer from / to the train

Travel costs are not included into the price.
Train tickets from Kyiv cost about 1000 UAH both ways

Price depends on the type of accommodation (options below)
Early birds prices are valid with a prepayment of 50%

The house near Trostyan

150 €
Place in double room. The house has 3 bathrooms / shower / bath / washing machine. Ground floor: living room with fireplace, wi-fi, kitchen and large dining room, room with barbecue.
Pani Olesya's house

165 € till
The place for 6 people. Best for 3 couples :) Two double bedrooms + living room with double sofa bed.
Three-level house, first floor has living room with fireplace and stove, kitchen, dining room, bathroom
Trostyan Resort

170 €

Place in a double room. There is a balcony, toilet, shower, hair dryer, towels, kettle. 15 min walk to our hall :)
Architect's House

175 €
A place in a two-storey cabin for 3 people. Located near the hall, on the top of the mountain, with panoramic windows and a terrace.
On the first level there is a kitchen and a toilet with a shower. On the second level, 2 bedrooms are separated by partitions
questions and answers :)
We eat three times a day. This is a vegetarian menu. And it's delicious!
How to reach the our location?
You pay for the road by yourself. Train tickets cost about 1000 UAH for two ways.
The final destination station is Slavske. Most big cities in Ukraine have direct trains to Slavske.

From the railway station to our hotel -15 minutes by car.
We arrange transfer from / to the station
Will there be a translator?
Yes, a translator will work with the foreign language facilitator. You will not miss anything!
What is the program to do?
Every day we have 2 two-hour sessions with Gregory Chevalier.
We also have suggestions for detox participants to spend their free time to consolidate the knowledge gained from the classes, to get the most out of the city's worries and to relax.
What if I've never done something like that?
Each practice can be joined with any level of physical development.
The program is designed so that everyone will find a place to explore within the group process.
When is the start / end of the event?
🕑 We start classes at 10:00 on March 28th. You will have time to get acquainted with the place to adjust to the process before class, since most trains arrive early in the morning of the 28th.

🕓 We end the class on March 30 at 7:00 pm. After that we leave our hotel.
Our group has only 15 members
Select your accommodation option
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